Ayurvedic Treatments



1. PIZHICHIL – 14 DAYS : In this treatment, luke warm herbal oils are applied all over the body by two to four trained therapists in a special rhythmic way continuously for about 60 to 90 minutes per day for period of 7 to 21 days. This treatment is very useful for Rheumatic diseases like arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, paralysis agitanus, sexual weakness, nervous weakness and nervous disorders etc.


2. NJAVARAKIZHI – 14 DAYS : It is a process by which the whole body or any specific part thereof is made to perspire by the application of certain medical puddings externally in the form of boluses tied up in muslin bag. This is applied by two to four masseurs for about 60 to 90 minutes per day.
This treatment is for all types rheumatism, pain in the joints, emaciation of limbs, high blood pressure, cholesterol and certain kinds of skin diseases.


3. DHARA – 14 DAYS (THAKRA DHARA ,KSHEERA DHARA, THYLA DHARA) : In this process, some herbal oils, medicated milk, medicated butter milk etc., are poured on the forehead in a special method for about 45 minutes in a day for a period of 7 to 21 days. This treatment is mainly for insomnia, vatha predominated diseases, mental tension and certain skin diseases.


4. VASTHI – 14 DAYS (MATRA VASTHI, SNEHA VASTHI, KASSHAYA VASTHI) : Certain herbal oils, herbal extracts etc., are applied through the rectum daily for a period 5 to 25 days. This treatment is for arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, numbness, gastric complaints associated with rheumatism and constant constipation.


5. SIROVASTHI – 14 DAYS : Certain lukewarm herbal oils are poured in to a cap fitted on the head for 15 to 60 minutes per day according to the patient?s conditions for a period of 7 days. This treatment is highly effective for facial paralysis, dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, severe headaches and other vatha originated diseases.


6. UDAVARTHANAM – 14 DAYS : This is a typical massage with herbal powders for about 30 to 45 minutes daily for a period of 14 to 28 days. This treatment is for the diseases like hemiplegia, paralysis, obesity (excess fat) and certain rheumatic ailments.


7. ABHYANGAM – 14 DAYS : Special type of oil massage in which strokes are given according to the diseases for 45 minutes per day for 14 days. This treatment is very useful for obesity, especially for diabetic gangrene etc.


8. NASYAM – 14 DAYS : Herbal juices, medicated oils etc., are applied through nose for 7 to 14 days. This treatment is highly effective for certain kinds of headaches, paralysis, mental disorders, some types of skin diseases etc.


9. SNEHAPANAM – 14 DAYS : Medicated ghee is given internally in proportionally increased quantity for a period of 8 to 12 days. This treatment is for osteoarthritis, psoriasis, leukaemia etc.


10. KIZHI – 14 DAYS : Herbal leaves and herbs or herbal powders are applied to the whole body in boluses with hot medicated oils for 45 minutes per day for a period of 7 to 14 days. This treatment is for osteoarthritis, arthritis, with swelling, spondilosis, sports injuries etc.


11. DHANYAMLA DHARA – 14 DAYS : Warm herbal liquid is poured all over the body in a rhythmic way through a special vessel for 45 minutes to 1 hour daily. This treatment is very effective for hemiplegia, paralysis, rheumatic complaints etc.


12. YONI PRAKSHALANAM – 7 DAYS : Herbal oils and decoctions are applied through the vaginal route. This treatment is good for gynecological disorders. It is also a purification process for genital organs.


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