How I can book a tour to India? Is there a list of tours I can choose from?

First we recommend that you browse through the “Travel Packages” on our site that includes many of the best-selling tours that we offer. The tours fall under many categories, though any of these can be fine-tuned in accordance to your flight schedule. You can also add or reduce time spent in a particular city.
Once you have found something that you are interested in, all you need to do is leave your contact details with us. Our representative will then call you at your convenience to discuss your tour requirements and preferences and will help you through the rest of the bookings and payments procedures.

What if I do not like any of the tours listed on the site?

You also have the option of having a tour “tailor made” for your requirements. You would need let us know some basic information such as he duration of your travel, preference of hotels, number of people traveling together, country of origin and flight plans. Once we have these details, we can design tour especially for you!
Once again, all you need to do is leave your contact details with us, and member of our team will call you at your convenience to discuss your travel plans. We will then immediately design your personalized tour and get back to you.

When & how do we make the payment? Do we have to deposit advance?

Yes, an advance is required to confirm your booking, with the amount depending on the tour programme you have chosen.
To confirm your booking, an advance payment is required. This would be 75% of total value of your tour. The balance amount needs to be paid at least 15 days before you arrive in India. If payment to be paid in Cash or by credit card than 100 % would be payable before tour starts.
Full payments are required in advance in certain cases such as special train journeys, hotel or resort bookings during peak season (Christmas and New Year for example).

Payments from abroad can be made using any of the following method: By bank transfer / swift / American Express & to our paypal Account “destination India“. Bank Details on Request.

Upon arrival in India you can also do the payment in CASH or through Visa / Master card.

NOTE:  2%  to 3% extra will be charged on the amount paid by credit card.This as per the rule/policies of Visa and Master Card Company.

Are credit cards accepted in India?

Credit cards are widely accepted in Indian cities and larger towns, particularly VISA, Master Card, Diners Club and American Express. Credit cards can also be used to get cash advances in Indian rupees.

What are Refund and cancellation Polices?

Upon cancellation of tour services after the booking is made with us, you will be charged a 10% service charge as well as cancellation charges as follows:
In case you cancel a trip after its commencement, the refund would be restricted to a limited amount depending on the cancellation policies of the hotels we patronize.
For unused hotel accommodation, chartered accommodation and missed meals etc, we do not bear any responsibility or refund.
With regards to unused / unutilized services (those that are paid for and cancelled in advance), the refund amount will be calculated based on the cancellation policy above. Accordingly, the money will be refunded to the person who made the original payment.

Is the information I gave on the net safe?

Any correspondence exchanged between you and us will be kept confidential and not outsourced to any third party under any circumstances.s.

Where I can apply for an Indian Visa?

You are requested to get in touch with the nearest Indian Embassy/High Commission or website of WWW. Indian Visa Online, who will appraise you with the other formalities required. But for few countries and cities please refer to the details provided.

In case you are visiting neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka or Maldives and are returning back to India to connect your flight for home, please ensure to apply for MULTIPLE Entry visas.

Can I book only the accommodation since I am coming on business?

If you are only looking at accommodation options and not a full fledged tour or a holiday, we will be happy to organize your stay and any travel needs. Simply send us a mail and we will get back to you quickly with relevant details.

When we arrive at our destinations how will be getting to our accommodation?

Our Team member will meet you at the airport and will assist you in check-in formalities at the hotel. He/she will also brief you about your travel plans ahead.

I want to organize a surprise event for a member of my family. Is this possible?

We will be happy to organize a surprise event. All we ask is that you provide an address and telephone number where we can contact you (and not the person you are organizing the surprise for)

I have no idea where I want to go. Can you help?

Our experience and knowledge in organizing group travels and tours means that our representatives will help you find the perfect destination. If you can give us an idea of your budget and preference, we will find the place for you!

Can your company book small groups?

Yes, we organize group or individual trips to most destinations in India , Nepal, Bhutan , Sri lanka & Maldives . We have Group travel special rates apply to groups in various strength of passengers. Our Team would be happy to organise same as per your requirements.

What information do I need to supply to you to provide me with a quote for my group?

The more you tell us about the group, the more accurate the travel itinerary and quote will be! It is helpful if you give us details about the ages, special needs, interests and hobbies etc of the group members.

I have a query after travel and wish to talk to someone?

All you have to do is to leave your email address, phone number on our query form with your name and the time you would like us to call, and we will get back to you

Do you include Travel Insurance?

We do not have insurance policies covering the expenses for sickness, accident, and losses due to theft or any other reason. Visitors are advised to seek such insurance arrangements in their home countries. Also, all personal property and baggage at all times is at the clients’ risk. We advise you to arrange travel insurance in your country.

What are our Liabilities and Limitations?

We shall not be held responsible for any delays or alterations in the program or any expenses incurred directly or indirectly due to flight cancellations, natural hazards, breakdown of transport, accidents, breakdown of machinery or equipment, weather, illness, political closures, landslides or any untoward incidents.
We shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury to a person, property or otherwise in connection with accommodation, transportation or other services, directly or indirectly resulting from an act of God, fire, danger, accident, strikes, civil disturbances, war, custom or medical department regulations, defaults or any other conditions beyond our control.

Travel tips:

Greet people with a ‘NAMASTE’ (hands pressed together at chest level as if in prayer). You will be appreciated for using the Indian style of greeting.

Do not purchase air/ rail/ bus tickets through strangers or unauthorized travel agents/ tour operators.

Do not hire any type of transportation from unlicensed or unapproved operators. Leave this to us to organize. Self- drive cars are available for hire from recognized International firms.

Taxi and auto-rickshaws fares keep changing, therefore, they do not always conform to readings on meters. Incase the driver refuses to cooperate, seek the assistance of a policeman. Where there are no meters, ask assistance at your hotel and agree on the tax fare in advance.

Dress codes for religious places can include covering your head, being barefoot etc. Ask, so that you don’t unwillingly give offence. Some temples do not permit any leather articles at all on their premises. Certain areas of temples are not open to Non-Hindus.

English is spoken at almost all tourist centres, but you can also request Government-trained and Approved guides who also speak German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian or Russian.

In tourist restaurants or hotels a 10% service charge is often added to bills. In smaller places, where tipping is optional, you need only tip a few rupees, not a percentage of your bill for waiters, room service boys, housekeepers, porters, and doormen all expect to be tipped.

If you hire a car with a driver, tip him according your days of travelling. Depending on the distance & Duration travelled.


  • Always drink bottled Mineral water.
  • For the first few days it might be advisable to clean your teeth in bottled water.
  • Eat fruit you can peel. Always wash fruit well before eating it.
  • Always keep a tube/spray of mosquito repellent with you.
  • Drink lassi – a yogurt drink. It will help tone down the bacteria.
  • Drink plenty of coconut water. Its cooling, and naturally sterilized! & Fresh Lime water.
  • The sun is strong. Remember to use sunscreen on exposed parts of the body. Wear sunglasses to screen out harmful rays.
  • Do not let beggars to hassle you, and do not encourage them by giving them money. Avoid eye contact.

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